The Sutherland Company
Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
What We Do

At The Sutherland Company, we hold fast to our respect for hard work, straight talk, innovation, integrity and attention to detail.


The Sutherland Company is a California Corporation. Founded in 1977 by Kenneth Sutherland, the Company has been providing excellent service for over 25 years.

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in all aspects of Commercial and Industrial Real Estate from Leasing, Wholesale and Retail Investments, Sales, Site Selection, Marketing and Development Analysis.


Our mission is to give our customers an edge in today's competitive business environment. By providing top-quality dependable service, we aim to help customers improve productivity, efficiency and their bottom-line. We vow to put customers first and to meet and exceed their expectations. To meet these goals, we at The Sutherland Company pledge to maintain our commitment to our employees who make up the engine that drives our organization.

Markets Covered

Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, San Joaquin County, Napa County, Sacramento County and Other Major parts of Northern California